Lodging and food

In our Home you can have a single room, a double room or share dormitory style with up to 7 people. We offer daily meals: breakfast and lunch or dinner. Our guests can choose their meals hours and the kind of food they would like to consume.


Packages to get to know Cuba

It is our pleasure to accompany you to get to know Cuba and the Cuban people. Our packages include: meetings, visits, trips and activities in general, in accordance with your particular interests.


Special offer

We are a social service project, which you can give support in many different manners. By opting for our services you are contributing directly to our humanitarian work. If you are interested in working with groups of children or seniors, you may apply to be a volunteer in the Casa Del Cariño.


Your enjoyment extends

Our social service project makes your individual enjoyment extend to become collective. When you choose our services, you are procuring recreation for you and for many people with especial needs. While you are enjoying and knowing about Cuba, you are contributing to maintain our humanitarian work: this is included at no extra cost to you.

Personalized program

In our 15 years of experience sharing the Cuban social –religious reality, we have put together a variety of packages to meet diverse expectations. You may also create your personal package by choosing and combining our offerings. We are open to new requests and we can together make up a personalized program.

Staying like family

In the Casa del Cariño, guests stay together like a family, whose domestic service is our work team. You can create a “family” for some days, by calling together a group between 8 and 25 people and making our Casa your home. Here all of you can share meals, lodging, recreation, knowledge…, in the harmonious and warm atmosphere of our Home.

Shared bedrooms

In each of our 4 bedrooms we can accommodate up to 7 people. This encourages an enriching and unusual experience of nearness and constant exchange with other people. At the same time, this circumstance allows us flexibility in contributions requested for our services.

What we offer

We offer accommodation for groups of up to 25 people, in 4 rooms, in a comfortable house situated on Playa (Beach) Ave, just across the sea in the seaside resort of Varadero. Depending on your choice, we can guarantee 2 or 3 meals per day. We propose you, besides enjoying the beautiful beach in front of us, to join us for a trip which will allow you to discover the reality of Cuba and its people, going beyond what is showed by official tour packages. You can select any of our various programs, which have been designed for a better understanding of some specific issues on Cuban society. We also give you the option of choosing randomly activities that we have suggested in different packages, as well as explaining us your expectations and interests in order to let us to organize your itinerary in our Island. The transportation and all necessary arrangements for visits, meetings, translation, as well as accommodations and meals in other cities and provinces, are included in our commitment to each guest.

At the same time, we are offering the opportunity to contribute with our social project, to ensure a few days of relaxation for people with special needs. You are making this each time you request for our services; but if you want to get directly involved in working with people with disabilities, sick children, kids without parental protection, elderly people from Seniors Homes and Daycare Centers or Circles of Grandparents, we can arrange for you to spend some days serving as a volunteer at our Center. Above all, we give our friendship, because for us every guest is a friend of Casa del Cariño (Loving Care Home).

Our services





Development and coordination of programs

Our packages


Senior citizens

To learn about the aging population in Cuba, we offer information about Cuban initiatives to address the needs of elderly people and ensure old age with quality of life. The program includes:

  • Visits to Seniors Daycare Centers.
  • Exchanges with Circles of Grandparents members.
  • To know about the work at some sites of The Elderly’s University.
  • To participate in the daily routine of community tai-chi groups.
  • Expert lectures on:
    • How to prepare ourselves for living successfully at our old age.
    • Causes and consequences of population aging in Cuba.
    • Strategies to reduce the social impact of the aging of the Cuban population.

Women: Participation in society and family life

For women and men who are committed to the struggle for equal rights for both sexes, we offer a series of visits and meetings that provide insight into how machismo is manifested in the Cuban society and about the work of the Cuban state to protect and reappraise women. These are:

  • Visits to:
    • The headquarters of the Federation of Cuban Women.
    • Community projects with female leadership.
    • Guidance Houses for women and families.
  • Lectures given by experts on family matters:
    • Roles of women in Cuban families.
    • Domestic violence against women: incidence and legislation.

Diversity and Inclusion

For those interested in sexual diversity and respect for differences, we have designed a program of activities in order to show how the Cuban state and society treat these issues. For this purpose, we offer:

  • Visit to the National Center for Sex Education (CENESEX).
  • Exchange with LGBT communities, Christian or not.
  • Meeting with the HIV prevention group.
  • Participation in the Journey Against Homophobia and Transphobia, which is held in May every year.
  • Expert lectures on:
    • Sexual and reproductive rights.
    • Transsexualism.

Care For People With Special Needs

It is well-known that Cuba has been facing serious economic difficulties for a long time. Therefore many visitors are interested in discovering how this society takes care of people with special needs. For those who would like to find out about this aspect of the Cuban reality, we offer:

  • Visits to:
    • Schools for children with mental or physical-motor disabilities.
    • Neurodevelopment Clinics.
    • Diabetic Clinics.
    • Homes for children without parental care.
    • Nursing homes.
    • Community projects

Healthy Lifestyle

Every day more people in the world are concerned about enhancing their quality of life. Also in Cuba this is a growing interest, so we have designed a package to show Cuban initiatives promoting a healthy lifestyle. This includes:

  • Yoga or tai-chi classes.
  • Healthy diet and recommendations for preparing and consuming each type of food.
  • Therapeutic massages.
  • Workshop on emotions management.
  • Tours of ecological areas, permaculture farms and urban organic vegetable gardens.
  • Enjoy the benefits of thermal baths.

Panorama Of Religions In Cuba

The cultural richness of the Cuban people is expressed in the coexistence of a wide variety of religious practices, which has generated a syncretism that is one of the most attractive elements of our culture. To learn about this mix of creeds, we propose:

  • Meetings with Christians of various denominations and members of ecumenical centers.
  • Visit to the Evangelical Seminary of Matanzas, the headquarters of the Jewish Community in Cuba and its Synagogue.
  • Exchanges with practitioners of Afro-Cuban religions: babalaos, santeros, paleros; as well as believers from other various religions that coexist in our population.
  • Workshops on drums and Afro-Cuban ritual dances.
  • Conferences on religious syncretism.

Cuba: History And Culture

A route that is intended to cover distinctive elements of our country and nationality: music, dance, tobacco, rum, colonial architecture… It leads you from sites with historical and cultural significance, our traditions, to the current Cuban arts productions. It includes:

  • Tours of Old Havana.
  • Watch the process of creating Habanos.
  • Meet some of our historic cities: Santa Clara, Trinidad, Camaguey, Santiago de Cuba and Baracoa.
  • Tickets to dance or music performances.
  • Visits to:
    • Art schools.
    • Rum Museum.
    • Art Galleries and other museums.

New Alternatives In Production And Services

The private participation in the production of goods and services is something new in the Cuban socioeconomic landscape. In the Island, now it is the time to explore alternatives, discover chances and establish structures and methods. For getting to know about this process, its achievements and weaknesses, we offer:

  • Exchanges with:
    • Members of non-agricultural cooperatives.
    • Owners of private establishments.
    • Free-lancers.
  • Visits to:
    • Private mini-industries.
    • Various private establishments for services (restaurants, rooms for rent, day care centers, beauty salons).
  • Conferences on:
    • Current status of private sector participation in production and services.
    • Duties and rights of self-employed professionals, small-business owners and employees in the private sector.

Cuba: International Solidarity

Despite the blockade Cuba has suffered for more than 5 decades, the Cuban people have found numerous opportunities to show solidarity with other nations. Thousands of Cuban professionals of various specialties have worked in very different parts of the planet. So there has never been lack of Cuba friends in the world and they have always defended our causes. To learn about this, we propose:

  • Visit the Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples.
  • Meetings with:
    • Doctors of the medical brigade “Henry Reeve”, created by Fidel Castro to offer help to other peoples.
    • Free-lancTeachers involved in the adult literacy campaign in Latin America, using the Cuban method “Yo sí puedo”.
    • Professionals in general who have fulfilled internationalist missions.

Our team

Awards & recognitions

From: “Kairos” Center, for Liturgy, arts and social services (Baptiste Church in Matanzas). STATEMENT OF RECOGNITION TO CESERSE (Casa del Cariño) FOR THE ECUMENICAL WORK AND FOR CULTIVATING HOPE.” In the 7th Meeting of Fraternization and Love for the Third Age of Matanzas. November 2012.
From: The Unit of Health Promotion and Diseases Prevention. The National Center of STD-HIV-AIDS Prevention. The Support Line for People with HIV-AIDS. NATIONAL HOPE PRIZE, in SOLIDARITY. FOR ITS CONSTANCY IN WORKS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE LINE AND THE LIFE QUALITY BENEFIT OF THESE PEOPLE IN CUBA. December 2015

About us

CESERSE (Social and Educational Services Centre), more commonly known as Casa del Cariño, is a social program operating from Varadero, which is one of the most well-known and desired beaches in the world. In the difficult days of the Special Period in the decade of the 1990s our people were deeply affected by very scarce resources. Pastor of the Presbyterian Reformed Church Sergio Arce Martinez and his wife Nacyra Gómez Cruz (current Director) believed it was time for the church to put the ideas of service into practice. Thus the seedling idea of the Casa del Cariño was born. As a response to the Special Period of the 1990s, the Cuban government began to develop tourism. Little by little the peninsula of Hicacos (Varadero) became covered with hotels, ostels, and private homes in the neighbourhood offering hospitality to the foreign tourist industry. Pastor Sergio Arce and Nacyra Gómez, wanted to preserve a space on this beautiful beach where they could offer space, especially in the summer, for groups of children with disabilities, sick children, elder adults without family, elders from Seniors homes, and grandparents circles. Since 1996 the large house on Playa (Beach Avenue) and 51 Street, across from the beach, was made available by the owner for this project. Immediately we began to use the house! Although we have never lacked the support of friends, government and church institutions our self-sustainability has been our main challenge. To that end, our long term plan has been receiving foreign groups during the winter. We offer our services and packages for them to know Cuba and the Cuban people. Our tours include food and accommodation, programs to learn about history, geography, economy, religions and Cuban culture both traditional and contemporary. Our programs may include a visit to a school for children with special needs, schools of art, homes for seniors, organic farms, ecological reserves, and historic sites, among many other options. The income we receive for these services becomes the financial support for our social project. For this reason we view each guest as a dear friend because each one has contributed to maintain for more than 15 years, in this beautiful beach, our Casa Del Cariño where the sun shines for everyone.

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